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Invited speakers

Bijoy Bera (TUD) (11:00 - 11:30)
Moving droplets Electro-chemically: Vision for tunable electrodes
No abstract provided.
Ioana Ilie (UvA) (11:30 - 12:00)
Multiscale simulations of biomolecular systems
No abstract provided.
Sarah Keller (University of Washington) (13:30 - 14:15)
Two mysteries in 2D: What drives large-scale phase separation in yeast membranes, and what controls the length scale of small domains in model membranes?
No abstract provided.
Alexandre Morin (UL) (14:15 - 14:45)
Oscillator fluids: interplay between phase and space dynamics
No abstract provided.
Julien Es Sayed (RUG) (16:00 - 16:30)
3D printable hydrogels from polymer/particles supramolecular assembly
No abstract provided.
Janne-Mieke Meijer (TU/e) (16:30 - 17:00)
Complex colloidal self-assembly: crystals, dynamics and defects
No abstract provided.