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Invited speakers

Christoffer Aberg (University of Groningen) (11:00 - 11:30)
Motor-protein-driven intracellular transport: An example of glassy dynamics?
Jack Binysh (University of Amsterdam) (11:30 - 12:00)
Symmetry-protected coarsening of non-reciprocal matter
Keynote: Christos Likos (University of Vienna) (13:30 - 14:15)
Topological polymers in and out of equilibrium
Ring polymers in flow have unique properties that arise out of cooperative effects between their topology and hydrodynamic interactions. In the first part of this talk, I will review recent results on the related phenoomena of vorticity swelling [1] and hydrodynamic inflation [2] of ring polymers under shear flow and on the implications this has on flow-induced separation between linear chains and ring polymers [3]. Expanding on the role of topological properties, we will then proceed to discuss the importance of linking in the equilibrium properties of poly-[n]-catenanes [4] as well as on unpublished work on the behavior of catenanes under shear flow [5], where the role of the linking type on the catenate conformation is crucial.

[1] M. Liebetreu, M. Ripoll and C. N. Likos, ACS Macro Lett. 7, 447−452 (2018).
[2] M. Liebetreu and C. N. Likos, Communications Materials 1, 4 (2020).
[3] L. B. Weiss, C. N. Likos, and A. Nikoubashman, Macromolecules 52, 7858-7869 (2019).
[4] Z. Ahmadian Dehaghani, I. Chubak, C. N. Likos, and M. R. Ejtehadi, Soft Matter 16, 3029-3038 (2020).
[5] R. Afghahi Farimani, Z. Ahmadian, M. R. Ejtehadi, and C. N. Likos, submitted."
Payam Poorsolhjouy (Eindhoven University of Technology) (14:15 - 14:45)
Multiscale modeling of granular materials – Formation and evolution of microstructure
Lorenzo Botto (Delft University of Technology) (16:00 - 16:30)
Seeing the unseen: molecular and continuum simulations of the hydrodynamics of graphene nanoplatelets
Wiebke Albrecht (AMOLF) (16:30 - 17:00)
Engineering of atomic crystal lattices through pulsed laser irradiation


Silvana Caipa from University of Leiden:
Mass Induced Torque vs Effective Propulsion Mechanisms on Spherical Bimetallic Active Colloids
Mark Driver from University of Groningen:
Selective phase separation of transcription factors is driven by orthogonal molecular grammar
Yao Du from University of Amsterdam:
Active learning robotic metamaterial
Patrick van der Wel from University of Groningen:
Solid-state NMR analysis of hydrogel dynamics and hydration
Ffion Steenvoorden from University of Utrecht:
Utku Gurel from University of Groningen:
Polydispersity improves the toughness and impact resistance of star-polymer thin films
Ralph van Zwieten from University of Wageningen:
Mimicking plant defense strategies to create a pesticide alternative
Geert Schulpen from University of Utrecht:
Analyzing phase separation kinetics from arrested structures
Ekrem Mert Bahçeci from University of Eindhoven:
Non-spherical soft particle dynamics
Saber Shakibi from University of Groningen:
Towards a multiscale model of the brain extracellular matrix
Willem Gispen from University of Utrecht:
Freezing vs melting of hard spheres
Nayan Vengallur from University of Groningen:
Effects of crowding in complex coacervation
Thijs ter Rele from University of Utrecht:
Machine Learning many-body potentials for charged colloidal suspensions
Tim Veenstra from University of Utrecht:
Multifarious DNA tile self-assembly for information storage and processing
Yang Wang from University of Groningen:
The polymer grafting process achieves efficient dispersion of graphene
Rodolfo Subert from University of Utrecht:
Blue Phases of achiral banana particles
Marjolein de Jager from University of Utrecht:
Is Laplace wrong? The magic of crystal nuclei
Vasista Adupa from University of Groningen:
Structure and dynamics of a molecular chaperone at atomistic resolution
Paul van den Tempel from University of Groningen:
Beyond Diels-Alder: domino reactions in Diels-Alder networks
Chang Chen from University of Wageningen:
Shape deformations by phase separation inside giant vesicles
Prashanth Ramesh from University of Twente:
Active droplet clusters
Qimeng Wang from University of Wageningen:
Clean label, food grade whiteners
Chaohong Wang from University of Utrecht:
Inverse Design of Zeolites
Pim Vink from University of Wageningen:
Electrospray processing of soft materials on the microscale
Maurice Dekker from University of Groningen:
Residue-scale modeling of nuclear transport
Levena Gascoigne from University of Eindhoven:
Probing surface properties driving colloidal diffusiophoresis
Neshat Moslehi from University of Eindhoven:
Stimuli-responsive nanogels based on polymerization-induced self-assembly